March 18, 2013

Lots of New Updates from the past year to come..

Hi all,

Thanks for checking in during the past year even though I was not present with new posts. My goal is to update you on all the new developments in my career both in triathlon and an ambitious engineer.

To start off, I have recently moved to the lower SF Peninsula to work as a project engineer for a fast paced and up and coming Level 10 Construction in Sunnyvale, right next to NASA Ames and the Moffett Airport. It's a blast! I even have an amazing new gym to crush some weights and good workouts.

Secondly, I over the next few weeks I will randomly post about different races from the past year and about about the companies I have worked with and also helped with fitness app development.

I am getting ready for another year of racing as I also balance with my new action packed career in the construction management industry! First big race will be May 4 as I try my luck at Wildflower Long course. Stay tuned for updates to my race schedule...

I have had the pleasure of helping out an innovative team at Run BSX develop the first inklings of something great for the fitness community. Please check out Run BSX's website and especially their blog where I have been contributing helpful posts that shine a fun light on the endurance sport that is considered a life style for many.

Run BSX:

I will leave you with a few fun photos from the recent ESCAPE from Alcatraz that I didn't race this year as it was so early, but did do some photography. I got some great shots of the ESCAPE race winner and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist in Triathlon, Javier Gomez. ;)

Javier Gomez taking names!

Talk to you all soon! :)